Johanna Roth is interested in architecture as a field of cultural communication and its implications in contemporary society, which she continually challenges emphasizing the aspect of processes and the deep affinity of materials through objects, reliefs, perfomances always resulting in spatial configurations that find potential in various scales.

Teaching: Universum Carrousel Journey, ETH Zurich (CH)
Making: Studio Local Zurich (CH)


since 2023 establishment Studio
2020 - 2024 Studio Märkli, ZH (CH)
2018  Hideyuki Nakayama, Tokyo, (JP)


since 2021 - scientific assistent Professor of Design with Studio Jan de Vylder, ETH, Universum Carrousel
since 2021 - Leading ceramic workshops with Studio Local
2020 Diploma ETH Zurich with Prof. Adam Caruso
2017 Bachelor UdK Berlin with Prof. Jean Philippe Vassal and Prof. Enrique Sobejano

artistic realm

2023 - artist in resideny, Furka ephemera, indepandance (CH)
2023 - artist in residency, Ernst Schindler Stipendium, Naples (IT)
since 2021 - ongoing culinary and spatial perfomative events (CH)


Johanna Roth 
Spatial Practice

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